About Us

 THE CATNIP  (Nepeta Cataria)

Manitoba soil grows the finest catnip!  We grow the catnip naturally, no insecticides, no herbicides and no artificial fertilizers... no anything but sunshine and water.  We use recycled cardboard and straw for weed suppression and water retention.  Our catnip is cut and hung by hand and when it is perfectly dry, the leaves and flowers are hand stripped and ready for you.


Cattabis toys are made with durable polyduck material to withstand even the most playful of cats.  The design printed with the eco friendly, pet friendly method of dye sublimation printing. Each toy includes a generous pouch of catnip.  The "Joints" are entirely filled with catnip.


Cattabis toys are sewn in Winnipeg by The Cutting Edge, a social enterprise program of the CMWI.

The Cutting Edge provides industrial sewing skills training for new immigrant women empowering them to develop their careers. The Cutting Edge works together with industry partners to strengthen the local economy by providing skilled workers to fill the gap in the Manitoba sewing industry.


Dale Cummings is a Winnipeg cartoonist.  He worked as the Winnipeg Free Press as the Political Cartoonist for 30 years and has authored the cartoon book " You Might Be From Manitoba If........ ".  Dale has won many awards including The National Newspaper Award, Press Freedom Award, and  The Townsie Award.